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"Being the mother of five children, there were always birthdays to celebrate at our house. Three of my children all have birthdays during the same week in November. One year I wanted a local bakery to make a rather large cake for me and they said

they could not. So that became the start of my "bakery" business. The children who attended our parties all soon started to request that I make their cakes too, and from

there the business blossomed.

In 1976 we opened a cake and candy supply store in the Meadowood Shopping Center because there was no place to buy any type of cake decorations locally. The only option was to send away for them. When I got to the point I was doing too many cakes for family, friends and neighbors in my home, I moved my business into a part of the supply store. My children had always helped me decorate cakes while they attended school.

After a few years in the supply store we were doing enough cakes to branch out on our own. In 1985 we opened a full line bakery in the Astro Shopping Center and in just a couple of years we had doubled our size...."

Leah Cannon, Founder of Cannon's Bakery

In 1986, Leah turned over the reigns of the bakery to her son, Steve Cannon. She stayed on for several years to assist with the wedding department that was run by her son, before "retiring" into a more relaxed position of taking wedding orders on Saturdays.

Under Steve's management, the bakery has thrived. It has grown into one of the largest volume bakeries in Delaware. In the month of June alone, it would not be unusual for Cannon's to send out 250 sheet cakes and 20 wedding cakes per weekend. The dedicated staff has always strived to satisfy their loyal customers with delicious and creative confections for any occasion. Perhaps that is why It has been honored as a Reader's Choice and "Best of Delaware" selection in Delaware Today Magazine numerous times.

After 26 years of round the clock hard work, the allure of the beach has finally won over Steve. He has decided to retire from the bakery business and relax and enjoy himself on Rehoboth's sunny shores.

Stepping in to fill some very big shoes, is Steve's nephew, Brandon Byerly. Brandon brings with him a zeal for business and a lot of fresh, new ideas. Brandon's goal is to continue Cannon's legacy as a full service bakery that can enhance any event with a touch of sweetness and wonder.

With his dedicated staff behind him, Brandon wishes to assure Cannon's loyal customers that they are valued and that the transition of management will be seemless. Without those who return year after year for their birthday and anniversary cakes, there would be no Cannon's.

Thanks to all of you who made us what we are today, and we look eagerly forward. We cannot wait to see how we can help make your special event truly memorable!

-Brandon Byerly, President

Cannon’s Bakery Inc.


Established in 1985 by Leah Cannon

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Addresse: 228 Astro Shopping Center 
Newark, DE 19713


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